Www tdameritrade com touchdown

www tdameritrade com touchdown

NFL running back Jerome Bettis once rushed for one yard and had three touchdowns in a single game. Tennis superstar Serena Williams has won an astonishing. history to play Virginia in the opening game Saturday at TD Ameritrade Park. 7 Alabama, he turned in a career-long highlight-reel 54-yard touchdown. To celebrate their achievement, TD Ameritrade Institutional and the Company's President, Tom Nally, brought award recipients to New York City.

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: Www tdameritrade com touchdown

Www tdameritrade com touchdown
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Click photo for a look at the view from South Peak.
Night football games aren't necessarily favored by sportswriters, but Dartmouth opening up under the lights against Central Connecticut does make it possible for this one to host the second BGA Moose Mountain hike on Saturday.

You've heard of the Appalachian Trail, right? Come join other BGA readers Saturday morning for a hike up the AT to the South Peak of Moose Mountain. We'll meet at the trail head 15 minutes from campus and hike 45 minutes to an hour up the famed Appalachian Trail to South Peak, which offers terrific views to the east. It's a relatively easy hike with just one tiring stretch, and sneakers will be just fine. At the top we can even talk a little Dartmouth football ;-)

Joining us will be Mrs. BGA, Griffin the Wonder Pup, and fresh from her stint as an interpretive ranger for the National Park Service in Colorado, That Certain '14, who can answer all of your questions about Dartmouth and a lot of them about being a Dartmouth athlete.

After taking in the view from South Peak we will come down a different trail that will bring us past Dartmouth's beautiful Class of '66 Lodge, and if there's anyone staying there we might even get a peek inside. It's a very nice log structure in the middle of the woods that you would gladly take as your vacation home.

At the end of the hike there will be light refreshments at the world headquarters of BGA where, if it's clear, we can cross the road and catch a glimpse of five ski areas in the distance.

If you are interested in joining www tdameritrade com touchdown, CLICK HEREto address an email to me, and I'll send along directions as well as answer whatever questions you might have.

For a Dartmouth Outdoors web page on hiking Moose, CLICK HERE.

Here are this week's Sagarin Rating. The numbers start with the preseason ranking followed by the weekly rankings from the first week of play to this week (bold).
Ivy League
Princeton 137, 119, 123, 121
Harvard 149, 128, 134, 137
Dartmouth 174, 158, 166
Penn 184, 171, 182, 183
Yale 194, 183, 195, 194
Brown  195, 184, 197, 195
Cornell 219, 206, 222, 222
Columbia 241, 232, 242, 241

Nonconference Opponents
New Hampshire 84, 89, 87, 97
Holy Cross 213, 214, 196, 207
Central Connecticut 225, 221, 240, 230

Green Alert Take: It's strange that Holy Cross can beat Central Connecticut and go down in the ratings while Central Connecticut loses to Holy Cross and goes up. UNH demolished Lehigh and slipped 10 places as the strength of schedule variable takes hold.

The Roar Lions Roar blog season preview has Dartmouth finishing second behind Princeton. (LINK) Here's the kicker from the column (italics are mine):

If anything, Dartmouth is looking a lot like next year's champions.

The local daily has a story (LINK) about the competition to handle Dartmouth's placekicking duties. The headline: Big Green Will Put Best Foot Forward: Dartmouth Wants No Repeat of Placekicking Woes.

UNH piled up so many points against Lehigh last week that they had to flip the switch on the new lights at Cowell Stadium. The first official night game at the facility is Sept. 27 against Dartmouth and the school is promoting the game with this short video:

Brown Daily Herald a story about the Bears' new defensive line (LINK) and an offense with no fewer than 11 new starters (LINK).

The Yale Daily News has a Q&A with coach Tony Reno (LINK), a story about team's hope of having a big year in the centennial season of the Yale Bowl (LINK) and a sweet story about the team adopting a local 6-year-old with serious health issues (LINK). There's even a story with four "Keys to the game," for Yale. (LINK)

The Harvard Crimson writes about the Ivy League's scheduling issues for football HERE.

Old friend Tiger Blog would like to see the Ivy season go 11 weeks but not for an 11th game. Instead, to have a week off in the middle. (LINK)

Yesterday's BGA Premiumbegan a three-part series on this year's freshmen. The second part will go up with tonight's practice report. If you haven't subscribed yet or renewed your subscription, what are you waiting for?

That Certain Nittany Lion has a problem, but it's a good one. Playing in the Penn State Golf Club's Nittany Lion Open yesterday, he shot www tdameritrade com touchdown 71 to finish in second place, one stroke behind the winner. He had 17 pars and one birdie in a pretty fair round.

With his finish he won a spot on the competition team for a 36-hole tournament featuring, among others, teams from Pitt and West Virginia. The two-day tournament north of Pittsburgh at the end of the month conflicts with Penn State's home football game against Northwestern as well as Homecoming and therein lies the problem. While he'd love to represent his school on the links he www tdameritrade com touchdown missed a football game at Beaver Stadium yet, and he doesn't want to miss one. As I said, it's a problem, but it's a problem a lot of us would gladly take on if only we could shoot under par on a good golf course.

One of the fun things about having a puppy is watching him discover his world. Last week he started chasing. . leaves. That's right, a few leaves came down and he got excited by these new things swirling along www tdameritrade com touchdown ground in the wind.

With the temperature a brisk 34 degrees when we headed out this morning he had another new experience. Ice.

There was a thin sheen of the stuff on our deck and his legs splayed comically on one of his first steps. Just wait until he sees his first snow! (Hopefully that won't be for a while yet, although we did have some light flurries Saturday night.)
Источник: http://biggreenalertblog.blogspot.com/2014/09/

What Was Rob Gronkowski's Super Bowl Sunday Like?

Rob Gronkowski played his last game of 2016 on Nov. 27, getting surgery the following week to repair a herniated disk. He was placed on injured reserve with just 25 receptions for 540 receiving yards and three touchdowns on the season -- all career lows.

But Gronk turned into one of the Patriots' biggest cheerleaders in the postseason. He even sung with Bon Jovi during the AFC Championship Game to pump up the Gillette Stadium crowd.

In Houston, the four-time first-team All-Pro tight end made his presence felt throughout Super Bowl week:

Gronk made a cameo on the newest "Clueless Gamer" segment on Conan, along with Tom Brady, Dwight Freeney, Marshawn Lynch and LeGarrette Blount.

He worked with Boston Children's Hospital to send two fans to Houston.

Hurry!!! Extended to 2pm
1 outrageous trip
2 Superbowl tickets, Rooms and Flights
Support @BostonChildrens
Enter: https://t.co/X2nSG0gQAqpic.twitter.com/YiMABBdxha

— Rob Gronkowski (@RobGronkowski) February 3, 2017

Gronk, who claims he has not spent a dime of his NFL salary, living off only endorsement money, was all over Super Bowl commercials.

He released an Oberto spot with Richard Sherman:

It's #SuperBowl Sunday! RT+Follow @ObertoBeefJerky for a chance to win a signed @RobGronkowski jersey. pic.twitter.com/ILCcpdufgN

— Oberto (@ObertoBeefJerky) February 5, 2017

He played up the new Baywatch film with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

GAME DAY!! Our blood boilin'! Before the #SuperBowl there's only ONE ICONIC THING left to do. @[email protected]#Baywatch#SloMoRunpic.twitter.com/vr2QGCVM1k

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) February 5, 2017

He told TD Ameritrade he speaks two languages.

The Green Room is full of surprises, did you know @RobGronkowski speaks two languages? #SB51pic.twitter.com/vDJlQLJ8je

— TD Ameritrade (@TDAmeritrade) February 5, 2017

He ripped Jeffrey Tambor's clothes for Tide.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to Gronk’s Cleaners for your stains. There is a better way. #adpic.twitter.com/sQfqFMwDLM

— Jeffrey Tambor (@jeffreytambor) February 5, 2017

And he www tdameritrade com touchdown in a T-Mobile commercial with Justin Bieber and Terrell Owens.

Big Game, big moves. Show us your best #UnlimitedMoves & @JustinBieber will RT his fave. pic.twitter.com/5VrIQq9jrg

— T-Mobile (@TMobile) February 2, 2017

Unlike the AFC Championship Game, when he sat in a luxury suite, Gronk watched the Super Bowl from the sidelines, wearing a Patriots quarter-zip. For a while, it was looking like the Patriots could have really used Gronk on the field. After all, New England was down 28-3 with 8:31 left in the third quarter.

Gronk is all of New England right now. #Mood#SB51pic.twitter.com/xqNniGp5DA

— FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) February 6, 2017

Tonight, the Patriots miss Gronk. The Falcons are throwing way more man at them, and New England's guys aren't winning 1-on-1.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) February 6, 2017

This is the first game in his absence that the @Patriots absolutely, positively miss @RobGronkowski

— Rich Eisen (@richeisen) February 6, 2017

The Patriots' fate turned and they ended the game with 31 unanswered points, winning the first-ever activities for kids to do at home Super Bowl, 34-28. The championship put Gronk right in his element: celebrating.

He tweeted from the field.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Champs!!!

— Rob Gronkowski (@RobGronkowski) February 6, 2017

He lauded Tom Brady.

You heard the man. pic.twitter.com/WBNQyGrna2

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) February 6, 2017


— Tom E. Curran (@tomecurran) February 6, 2017

He posed with anyone he could find.

Gronk and Amendola celebrate! pic.twitter.com/axmuQnUVEY

— NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) February 6, 2017

Great AP photo of puppy bowl champion Rob Gronkowski pic.twitter.com/53br0JmZkk

— Lindsey Adler (@lindseyadler) February 6, 2017

Apparently, Gronkowski even disguised himself as Devin McCourty for a press conference.

Is that you @RobGronkowski? pic.twitter.com/xAH0ME21vS

— ThePostGame (@ThePostGame) February 6, 2017

Gronk managed to fit in a sponsorship plug for Oberto in the Patriots' locker room.

Champs baby!!! Time to munch!! #[email protected] always fueling me!! pic.twitter.com/mUJgnyo53F

— Rob Gronkowski (@RobGronkowski) February 6, 2017

Somehow, there are no known social media videos of Gronk partying Sunday night. Either his back (and lack of productivity in the postseason) stopped him from raging or no one took out their phones after him. If it's the latter, that's a crime.

Too bad there's no Gronk Cruise this year.

-- Follow Jeff Eisenband on Twitter @JeffEisenband. Like Jeff Eisenband on Facebook.

Источник: http://www.thepostgame.com/super-bowl-sunday-rob-gronkowski
The Hartford

Retirement Planning and the Gridiron: Your Playbook for Success

TD Waterhouse's Patricia Lovett-Reid and retired CFL great Damon Allen team up to offer strategies for the Red Zone

TORONTO, Jan. 31 /CNW/ - Excitement is building for the most-watched football game of the year. While the big game may be circled on your calendar, there's another fast-approaching date to keep in mind: the deadline to contribute to RSPs for the 2010 tax year. Patricia Lovett-Reid, Senior Vice President, TD Waterhouse, and retired CFL great Damon Allen have teamed up to offer retirement-planning strategies, especially for those in the Red Zone, inspired by lessons from the football field.

"Everyone goes football crazy from November to early February because of the championships and bowl games. I've overheard discussions of different strategies, including tactics for the Red Zone, and I couldn't help but notice the parallels between football and retirement planning," says Patricia Lovett-Reid. "When you're in the time period immediately before you retire, you're in the Retirement Red Zone. There are specific strategies you need to implement to ensure you attain your financial goals before you stop working - when you cross the goal line."

"Football is such a big part of my life that I often find it can be a metaphor for other things," says Damon Allen, who was a professional quarterback in the CFL for 23 years. "In football, when you get into the Red Zone - which is the last 20 yards before the goal line - you know that executing the correct play will make-or-break the game. You need to take advantage of your close proximity to the goal line, and make plays that can get you in the best position, so you can score."

Whether you started saving as soon as you began working, or you're just getting around to creating a comprehensive plan now, Lovett-Reid and Allen offer the following tips for getting ready for retirement.

Choose your plays wisely: don't risk it all if you don't need to.

Whether www tdameritrade com touchdown talking about football or your finances, you've worked hard to get to the Red Zone and the plays you're about to make are critical: you want to ensure the highest chance of a good result.

"For example, in football, when you're close www tdameritrade com touchdown the goal line and on your last down, your team might decide to go for a field goal," says Allen. "And while a touchdown is worth more points, the field goal is a safer play."

"Similarly, when you're in the Retirement Red Zone, you should carefully evaluate your financial portfolio," says Lovett-Reid. "The allure of the potentially-higher returns associated with riskier asset classes is like going for a cabbage is it good for you instead of a field goal. The more prudent play at this stage may be to take the conservative approach and gradually decrease your level of risk by going for less-volatile investments."

Small actions can yield great results.

On the field, the greatest successes can result from the smallest tactics: an offensive lineman picks up a delayed blitz, giving the quarterback an extra second to throw for a touchdown; or a receiver uses the perfect fake to give him enough separation from the defender to make the game-winning catch.

"In the Retirement Red Zone, small adjustments to your investments can have great outcomes," says Lovett-Reid. "For instance, consolidating your investments with one financial institution can make them significantly easier to manage. With everything grouped together, it's easier to implement measures to balance and enhance your portfolio, which will benefit you as you transition from work to retirement."

Behind many star quarterbacks are great coaches.

Even the best professional football players rely on direction and feedback from their coaches. Coaches pore over statistics, videos and scouting reports, and they have an outside view for better insight on precisely what needs to be done when their team is in the Red Zone.

"When your team is within yards of the goal line, coaches can use their expertise to make the right call," says Allen. "Good coaching and advice can be the difference between putting points on the board or heading back to the sidelines with nothing to show for your efforts."

Just as good coaches bring out the best in their players, financial planners can use their expertise to suggest strategies that will help clients build and develop their financial portfolio for retirement.

Know your goals - and put yourself in the best position to reach them.

You need to know your goals in order to determine your strategy, whether financial or on the football field.

"A team that needs a touchdown www mid tie the game will have a much different strategy than a team that is leading by a large margin," says Allen.

"Your goals for retirement should work the same way," says Lovett-Reid. "Are you hoping for a comfortable retirement spending time at home with family and friends, or do you want to travel the world? Working towards what you consider to be your 'retirement touchdown' requires a customized strategy, tailored to meet your specific goals."

About TD Bank Group

The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries are collectively known as TD Bank Group (TD or the Bank). TD is the sixth largest bank in North America by branches and serves approximately 19 million customers in four key businesses operating in a number of locations in key financial centres www tdameritrade com touchdown the globe: Canadian Personal and Commercial Banking, including TD Canada Trust and TD Insurance; Wealth Management, including TD Waterhouse and an investment in TD Ameritrade; U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking, including TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank; and Wholesale Banking, including TD Securities. TD also ranks among the world's leading online financial services firms, with more than 6 million online customers. TD had CDN$620 billion in assets on October 31, 2010. The Toronto-Dominion Bank trades under the symbol "TD" on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges.

TD Waterhouse represents the products and services offered by TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. (Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund), TD Waterhouse Private Investment Counsel Inc., TD Waterhouse Insurance Services Inc., TD Waterhouse Private Banking (offered by The Toronto-Dominion Bank) and TD Waterhouse Private Trust (offered by The Canada Trust Company).

Источник: https://stories.td.com/ca/en/news/2011-01-31-retirement-planning-and-the-gridiron-3a-your-playbook-for-succ
TD Ameritrade

Ruthless as ever, Vanderbilt spoiled Mississippi State's party in Game 1

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