Contra costa county martinez health center

contra costa county martinez health center

Martinez Health Center, Alhambra Blvd, Martinez, 2nd & 4th Monday, pm. Please bring two bags with handles. Will provide garage, medical clinical office, and expanded radiology lab at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez;. Other Details: PrEP is offered in various clinics throughout the County. Patients can call to schedule an appointment at

: Contra costa county martinez health center

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Contra costa county martinez health center
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The Contra Costa County Healthcare Coalition Confronts the Board of Supervisors

Contra costa county martinez health center -

Prior to joining the Foundation, she volunteered and worked 12 years in non-profit for public education. She was being a lil A hole saying I had a temperture. He has served with CCHS for 40 years, beginning as a staff physician in , as the local Health Officer from , and as the Director of the Department from They are not to nice to black folks. Discounts and Charity Care Contra Costa Health Services has instituted a Charity Care Program and a Discount Payment Program to enable qualifying uninsured and underinsured individuals to obtain free or discounted medical care.

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