How many homes has my realtor sold

how many homes has my realtor sold

If you can't find out if a house has been sold on real estate sites Common websites include, Zillow, Trulia, and Most real estate agents sell homes in areas where they're most comfortable which in many cases, is how they got rich in the first place. “The Oppenheim Group has sold every house that is featured as a sale on All the agents on Selling Sunset are actually licensed realtors.

: How many homes has my realtor sold

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How many homes has my realtor sold
how many homes has my realtor sold

How many homes has my realtor sold -

Making a poor choice could cost you time and money. And, Brickner says, they're ready and willing to do some fee dickering. They may be—but more likely they are looking to get their foot in the door and convince you to list the house with them. Step 4: Get it in writing. All real estate agents must be licensed and are all held to a strict code of ethics. Kathleen Gavre 2.

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