Best korean whitening bb cream

best korean whitening bb cream

Buy BB & CC creams Online: Shop from 200+ BB & CC creams at affordable prices only Magic Colour Whitening BB Foundation for Face Makeup, Natural, 50 gm. 1. Power Perfection BB Cream SPF37 PA++ · 2. Laneige BB Cushion Whitening SPF50+ PA+++ · 3. L'oréal BB C'est Magic BB Cream 5 In 1 Skin Perfector. The Nella Whitening and Brightening cream is one of best Korean Whitening BB creams.

: Best korean whitening bb cream

Best korean whitening bb cream
Best korean whitening bb cream

What is bb cream (and cc cream)?

what is bb cream

What is BB Cream?

I was first introduced to bb cream in 2010 while vacationing in Japan. My mother, who loves everything Korean, had been using bb cream for a few months and couldn’t stop raving about it. She talked about bb cream with such passion, it was as if she was selling it to me as someone working on commission! That was back when bb cream was huge only in Asia and I was unfamiliar with the product. But it wasn’t too long after my vacation that bb creams swept the Western world of cosmetics off its feet, and forever changed the way we take care of our skin.

After listening to her extensive bb cream presentation, I still had trouble understanding exactly what bb cream was. And so the question lingered for days until I finally decided to google ‘what is bb cream?’ and found a handful of sites (mainly from Korea) talking about it. I then asked my cousin Yoko, who is a manager at Dior Cosmetics in Tokyo (who trained with skin care guru Chizu Saeki) to shed more light on the subject. We went to Freshness Burger in Shibuya, ordered a couple of ebi burgers and ice teas, and sat down to talk about bb creams. I love my cousin, it’s always nice to have a beauty expert in the family, especially if you’re a girly girl like me. 🙂

And enlighten me she did.

What is bb cream?

BB is an abbreviated term for blemish balm or blemish base. Although it first became popular in Asia, the cream was initially created in 1950 in Germany by a dermatologist looking to create a cream that was both protective to the skin, and tinted to add coverage (specifically for women who had laser treatment done). BB cream was eventually introduced to the Korean market where it became an overnight sensation. This was mainly due to the buzz created by celebrities (women and men) falling in love with the product so much they couldn’t stop talking about it.

What is BB Cream?

What is BB Cream?

Here is the short answer to what is bb cream:

It’s a multi-purpose tinted cream that protects the skin against UV rays, balances skin tone and contains antioxidants as well as anti aging properties. Some bb creams contain whitening ingredients too, a major selling point in Asia.

What is the difference between a tinted moisturizer and bb cream? 

Tinted moisturizers don’t provide as much coverage as bb creams. BB creams are the middle option between tinted moisturizers and foundation. They are heavier than tinted moisturizers and lighter than foundation.

Best BB Cream For Your Skin Type

Here are the most popular and highly rated bb creams online, divided per skin type – from the cheapest to the most expensive.


Oily Skin:


Dry Skin: 


Sensitive Skin:

  • La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream – ($23) – SPF 20, comes in two shades, with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, specifically formulated for senstive skin.
  • Boscia BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 27 ($38) – SPF 27, comes in one universal shade, oil-free and helps diminish the appearance of pores, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.
  • Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 – ($39) – SPF 35, comes in eight different shades, contains optical pearl pigments to give the skin a natural looking glow.
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Uneven Skin Tone:

acne prone skin

Acne Prone Skin:


Dark Skin Tone:

  • Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 8 in 1 Skin Perfector ($7.50) – SPF 30, comes in five different shades, is oil-free, brightens, evens and smoothes skin.
  • Iman Skin Tone Evener BB Cream SPF 15 ($20) – SFP 15, comes in six different shades, is enriched with Acai, Licorice & Grape Seed.
  • MAC Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm ($30) – Northfield bank high yield savings account 35, comes in 12 different shades, is lightweight and semi-translucent with optical pearl pigments.
anti aging skin

Anti Aging Skin (Mature Skin):


BB Cream For Men:

So now that you know what bb cream is…

What is CC Cream?


The letters CC stand for Color Correcting and the main difference between bb and cc cream is the amount of coverage one has over the other. CC creams are specifically made to cover up dark spots, acne and redness of the skin while bb creams contain less color and look more natural. This can be confusing since certain bb creams like Dior’s Hydra Life are quite thick on coverage to begin with (while still feeling very light on the skin – it’s actually lighter than bb cream!). My advice is to do your research and try them on your skin before making your final purchase. CC creams also claim to have more anti aging properties and are packed with natural brighteners like vitamin C and E. CC creams may be a better choice for women and men with problem skin who are looking for more coverage.

I’ve compiled a list of the most popular and highest rated CC Creams online (and ones that constantly make top 10 lists):

And guess what… There’s also DD Cream!

What the heck is dd cream you ask? Confused? You’re not alone!

DD can either mean Dynamic Do-All, Dermatologically Defining or Daily Defense depending on the brand you shop for. While it contains the same ingredients as bb and cc creams, dd creams have a higher content of age defying properties. A dd cream’s main selling points are to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and balance skin tone while still feeling light on the skin.

  • Dermadoctor DD Cream – ($38) is the most popular and highest rated DD Cream online. It’s suitable for most skin types.

So…Which one should you get?

Because bb, cc and dd creams are all similar in what they can achieve, this is how I would break it down for those who are confused about what to get.

BB Creams are good for:

  • Women and men who are looking for light coverage but still want all the anti aging benefits, SPF and antioxidants.

CC creams are good for:

  • Women and men who are prone to breakouts and have other skin issues – in need of more coverage while still wanting all the anti aging benefits, SPF and antioxidants.

DD creams are good for:

  • Women and men who have mature skin and who’s main goal is to target fine lines and other skin imperfections related to aging.

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The Best Korean BB Creams for All Type of Skin [Normal, Dry, Oily, Sensitive]

Our number one choice is the MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream and we go into further depth on this product in our review below. We’ve also provided some further choices of top BB creams, as well as some advice on determining your skin type and which might be the best considering this.

Our Choice!

MISSHA M Perfect bb cream

MISSHA M Perfect

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We’ve taken plenty of time testing out a multitude of Korean BB creams to find the very best. This article covers an introduction about BB creams, as well as information about exactly what the creams are, how they can be used, and the various benefits you can expect from using one.


A BB Cream is an all-in-one skin product that is used for multiple purposes. Over recent years the use of hydrating and replenishing BB creams has become popular in many countries across the world including the U.S.A. and the U.K., with global bands jumping in on the action. However, plenty of women in Asia have been using these types of beauty products for many years.

Women in South Korea particularly, have benefitted from using some great BB creams for decades now. Because of this Korean BB creams now have a growing reputation for excellence in markets outside the country, as they are easy to blend and low in ingredients such as alcohol that dry the skin out. While some come in a variety of shades to work with different skin tones, others come in only one shade but have been developed to adapt and blend in well with most skin tones, unlike the majority of foundations.

Of course, since BB creams burst onto the scene there are now also CC and DD creams, but we always find ourselves heading back to using a BB cream, so that’s what we’re concentrating on today. Picking the right cream for your skin type is a big factor when choosing the best Korean BB creams, and there’s something to suit everyone, whether you have normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin.

Using a BB cream is easy, simply cleanse and moisturize in your usual way and then apply the formula in a similar way to a primer to smooth the skin surface. If you desire, you can then apply makeup over the top, although you may find you want to use less and less foundation as your skin improves over time, and many people stop using a normal foundation altogether.

The best BB creams provided the natural but finished look that’s so sought after these days, and we’ve been working our way through a ton of products in an endeavor to find the best Korean BB creams for all types of skin, including our mentioned top all-rounder and some other great options. Read on for more if you want to narrow down your choice of the huge selection available that will help to keep your skin looking its best. Do note that all prices were correct at the time of writing but are subject to change.

So what is BB cream or Korean beauty balm?

Starting with the basics, BB stands for beauty balm (or sometimes blemish balm), and BB creams can help keep your skin in prime condition and even out your skin tone. The different formulas that are available have different ingredients, but typical ingredients in a BB cream can include peptides and antioxidants (Vitamins A,C E), hyaluronic acid, glycerin, silicon ingredients such as dimethicone, and mica for a light-reflecting finish and luminous appearance.

This type of multi-purpose beauty cream is used on the face and neck to soften wrinkles and lines, and acts as a serum, primer, moisturizer, concealer, and a light foundation, as well as offering sun protection. Using a BB cream is, therefore, an excellent idea for many women and you should consider the type of skin you have before you choose which to try. As we mentioned previously, there are Korean BB creams to suit normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skins, and they can be particularly useful if you have any skin issues such as dry patches, or blemishes. All you need is a dab of cream for total coverage, and you can easily add more throughout the day if required.

Benefits of using BB cream

  • Anti-aging qualities and brightening – A BB cream will help to keep your skin looking its best, due to formulas that contain hydrating ingredients, nutrients, and antioxidants.
  • Maintaining healthy skin with sun protection – As any woman interested in beauty will already know, too much sun on the skin is one of the major aging factors. Many Korean BB creams contain a high SPF level that will help to avoid your skin becoming damaged from sun exposure. Some also contain titanium oxide or zinc oxide with water-resistant properties. You can never be too careful with sun protection for your skin though, so think of this as an extra layer of protection rather than your sole protection unless it has a particularly high SPF.
  • A lighter foundation – A heavy layer of thick foundation is not the natural look that many of us are seeking nowadays, and the level of the light foundation supplied in a BB cream is just right for a healthy, brighter look.
  • Convenience – One of the things we like best about using a BB cream is the speed of use, as instead of having to use 5, 6, or even 7 different products, using this hybrid skincare/makeup product can save a lot of time, maybe allowing you a few minutes extra in bed or at the gym!
  • Pocket-friendly – There are Korean BB creams priced to suit all budgets, although this is one area where it can be worthwhile spending a bit more. Even one with a higher price tag is definitely worth considering, especially when you take into account the prices of all of the other products you would have used instead.

Our number one all-round pick – MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Our Pick!

MISSHA M Perfect bb cream

MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream
Starts from $10 – shades vary in price (*At the time of publishing)

This BB cream with SPF 42 cannot be beaten if you’re looking for a great all-rounder suitable for all skin types, and it’s also reasonably priced.

Buy from Amazon

The extensive list of ingredients includes Rosemary extract, Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Mineral Oil, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Beeswax, Jojoba Seed Oil, Caviar Extract, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, and many, many more.

The color we tested was Honey Beige (on combination skin with some sensitivity) that has a current price tag of $19.17, and prices of the range vary according to which color you choose. It’s hugely popular and is one of the original BB creams, and interestingly it was first developed as a soothing treatment following laser treatment. We only needed one pump of the cream and simply dabbed it across different areas of the face and a little on the neck before smoothing it over with our fingertips. Alternatively, you could use a sponge for an even finish.

As with most other BB creams, it provides a natural-looking finish as well as sun protection, and when we used it, we are especially impressed with the excellent coverage it gave us, despite its lightweight formula. The cream had a not unpleasant smell to it and glided on smoothly, easily covering some fine thread veins above the lips as well as some shadowy areas, and we found it stayed looking good throughout the day, with just the odd extra dab on those thread veins from time to time.

Our skin felt beautifully smooth after using the cream, and it made a great base for makeup. However, a minor drawback for us was that the product description boasts of dark spot correction, but we found it wasn’t so good for this, although others might find it differently. If you prefer a matte finish after applying the BB cream, simply apply a light dusting of powder over the top.

As well as our own satisfying experience with MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream, we took a look at some customer reviews of the product. These were mainly very positive, with many pointing to the flawless natural finish it provides and some noting its anti-inflammatory and anti-blemish properties. Several buyers also mentioned that it helped to cover or prevent their acne, so that’s something worth bearing in mind if you have acne-prone skin. The shade we tried was just right, but we did note that others said you should be extremely careful picking out the right shade, although if it’s slightly too pale, you can always add a little setting powder in a darker tone. We can definitely recommend the MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream so urge you to try it for yourself.

Other great choices of Korean Beauty Balms

For oily skin – Dr.G Gowoonsesang Perfect Pore BB Cream

Also Great!

Dr.G Gowoonsesang Perfect Pore BB

Dr.G Gowoonsesang Perfect Pore
$19.95 (*At the time of publishing)

This Korean BB cream with SPF 30 is another good choice, particularly if you’re prone to oily skin

Buy from Amazon

Dr.G Gowoonsesang contains lime tree water and cabbage extracts to control excessive sebum. It’s also one of the best options if you have easily irritated skin, as it’s alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, Benzophenone-free, tar colorant-free, and GMO-free. Lemon balm and rose hip oil extracts help to nourish and moisturize the skin, and we found it applied nice and smoothly and had a matte finish, another excellent benefit for those with greasy skin, although not so good if you have dry skin.

Just as the title says, it also helps to cover pores, and some older testers found it covered sunspots as well. Some customer reviews found it to be rather heavily scented with some not liking the smell at all, although to be fair we barely noticed the smell.

For Dry or Sensitive Skin – Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox Bb Beauty Balm

Also Great!

Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox Bb Beauty Balm for oilyj SKIN

Dr. Jart+ Black Label
$36.00 (*At the time of publishing)

This BB cream providing age defense may come in only one shade but we were surprised at just how well it suited all light to medium skin tones.

Buy from Amazon

If you have dry or sensitive skin this would be a good one to try, as there are no Parabens, Phthalates, or Sulfates. This purifying face cream has a botanical triple-action formula that moisturizes well and also helps calm irritated skin. We found it a little patchy to apply but it eventually covered well and really helped to even out skin tone and cover small blemishes. It has SPF 25 and the ingredients include antioxidants, caviar extract, and Arbutin that is claimed to remove dark spots.

Two of the things we really like about this Dr. Jart+ BB Cream is the lightweight feel and dewy, radiant finish. Others who have used this product noted that it really helps to prevent redness in the skin, with one user saying that her skin was noticeably less red, even after exercising. Another said that while the cream doesn’t claim to actually clear up skin issues, it really helped to do this with her skin.

Good budget choice – Skin 79 Super+ Belesh Balm Bb Cream (Pink Label)

Our Pick!

Good budget BB CREAM

Skin 79 Super+ Belesh
$13.97 (*At the time of publishing)

This one is good for those with combination skin and contains SPF30 for sun protection.

Buy from Amazon

In our look at the best Korean BB creams for all types of skin, we’ve tried to find something for everyone. We found the formula to be really creamy, leaving a matte finish that lasted well for most of the day and covered any minor imperfections. Therefore it acts great as a base if you want to apply separate foundation and makeup on top, although it should be said that some customers have found the cream to be on the heavy side.

Among the many ingredients in this BB cream that will help to soothe and brighten stressed and dull skin are Sweet Almond Oil, Ceramide 3, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, and Iron Oxides, and we liked the pleasant fragrance. A final thing to note is that this BB cream comes in one shade but users said it worked for both light and medium skin tones, and others also said it worked with olive-toned skin.

Great for sun protection – IOPE Air Cushion XP BB Cream Compact $37.80

Our Pick!

IOPE Air Cushion XP BB Cream

IOPE Air Cushion XP
$37.55 (*At the time of publishing)

We found this IOPE Air Cushion offered a touch of luxury, and as it’s a compact it’s convenient to pop into a purse for a quick retouch when necessary.

Buy from Amazon

This mineral clay water and UV shield complex are the most expensive of our choices, although still not overly expensive. It has an excellent level of sun protection with SPF 50 to prince song lyrics i would die for you your skin from UV rays, so it’s a good choice for those who have fair skin that burns easily or those who simply want to keep their skin as wrinkle-free as possible. We found it provided nice subtle shade, minimized pores, and moisturized well, and it can be added over makeup without ruining your look.

It has an exceptionally high 5-star customer rating, and it’s worth saying that IOPE Air Cushions come in different shades and finishes including Matte Long Wear, Natural Glow, and Intense Cover. They also vary in price, so do look at what others are available before making your final choice.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

top best bb cream korean 2016 review

Etude House BB Cream Blooming Fit SPF30/PA++
$23.24 (*At the time of publishing)

Have a look at the customer reviews on the amazon product page and hope you will know why should you buy this korean whitening cream.

Buy from Amazon

Étude House is one of the most beautiful beauty brands for women out there and also their products are excellent. In all, the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream is considered the most important. It comes in 4 different shades dedicated to 4 different types of skins. It can brighten up the skin tone with its mineral pearl ingredients. It works on all skin types.

5-in-1 Miracle Skin Perfector (One of the Best BB Cream Oily/Combo Skin)

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Bb Cream Combination To Oily Skin

Garnier 5-in-1 Miracle Skin Perfector
$10.49 (*At the time of publishing)

Save time with just one multi-benefit product that combines advanced skincare plus immediate skin perfecting coverage.

Buy from Amazon

This is another best bb cream for oily and combination skin. It is made with an oil-free formula and contains anti-glare agents. The coverage of this BB cream is high, and it helps cover the pores and correct facial imperfections. Formulation Facts: Dermatologist tested for safety, won’t clog pores, non-comedogenic, non-acne genic, won’t cause breakouts, oil-free, gentle to the skin, and non-greasy.

Holika Holika Petit BB Cream

10 best korean bb cream review 2019

Holika Holika Petit BB Cream
$10.49 (*At the time of publishing)

Holika Holika BB creams promised to lasts all day long and provide all the necessary nutriton for your skin.

Buy from Amazon

Holika Holika is another brand with beautiful packaging, without neglecting the quality of their products. Here you can highlight 2 lines of BB Cream: the Petit BB and Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream. The first is a line of 5 BB different Creams for a specific purpose, Essential, Moisture, Clearing, Shimmering, and Watery. The Petit BB essential works well for skin coverage. Caviar component in the cream helps to moisturize your dry skin and makes your skin look lighter. It is easily blended out and dry out pretty fast, so you have to blend it out quickly. The second is developed for skin with more fat because of its base aqueous and almost gelatinous.

Determining your skin type and which BB cream is right for your skin

It’s all very well looking at the different products available. We think the MISSHA M Perfect cream just works for every skin type, but before you make a final choice, you should determine your skin type (if you don’t already know) and have a look at other choices as well. There are five basic skin types, oily, normal, dry, sensitive, and combination.

Perhaps the easiest to determine is oily skin, as the skin will have a greasy appearance with a lot of shine. This type of skin is prone to spots, pimples, and blemishes, and usually, those with oily skin will have larger pores. In this case, looking for a BB cream such as Dr.G Gowoonsesang with a matte finish and good coverage will be the best option. Of course, those with normal skin are blessed with the ideal complexion that looks nicely moisturized without appearing oily or dry. This type of skin has good elasticity to ward off wrinkles, and the face usually has an unblemished, healthy, and even tone. People with dry skin, on the other hand, are more prone to developing lines and wrinkles because of a lack of moisture, and shouldn’t wash their skin for too long as it will dry out further. Dry skin will generally have less visible pores but can appear flaky and look dull, so using a BB cream like Dr. Jart+ Black Label will help to protect it against weather conditions that will dry it out even more.

Many people have a mixture of skin types, commonly known as combination skin. The oily part of the face is usually down the middle (nose and chin) and across the forehead (commonly known as the T-Zone), while the rest of the face can be dry. In this case, a good all-around BB cream such as Dr.G Gowoonsesang is the best choice. Finally, we come to sensitive skin, and this can be difficult to deal with as it can be prone to blemishes and breakouts and get irritated easily. When this happens red patches can appear, and the skin can look sore and unhealthy. Too much sun can also be a real problem for those with sensitive skin, so the idea is to choose a BB cream such as IOPE Air Cushion with maximum sun protection.

If you’re still not sure, the easiest way of determining your skin type is to remove any makeup, dirt, or oil and then wash your face with warm water and a small amount of facial cleanser. Massage the face well before rinsing and patting dry with a towel. After a while note how your skin feels and if your face feels tight, looks flaky, and has no visible pores you’re likely to have dry skin. If you have oily skin it will feel fine straight after washing but as the day goes on it will begin to feel oily and you will notice large pores, while those with combination skin may have a taut feeling on the cheeks only and different pore sizes depending on whether the area is dry, oily, or normal. Dabbing your face after a few hours with a tissue will help you to see if you have oily or combination skin depending on where the greasy marks are.

Meanwhile, those with sensitive skin may find that they have to really careful with skin products as they could come out in a rash or feel itchy (check out Dr. Jart+ Black Label). If none of these apply to you, you’re one of the fortunate ones who have normal skin and although you may have visible pores they will not be too noticeable. Another handy tip is to gently pinch your skin, and if you have greasy skin, it will feel smooth to the touch. However, if you have dry skin, it will easily become wrinkled.


In our look at the best Korean BB creams for all types of skin, we were dazzled by the sheer choice available. Narrowing down our top choices was a challenge, but among these options, there should be something to suit everyone. A BB cream is an easy way of keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy, as well as acting as a light foundation, primer for makeup, sun protection and more. The older among us also want to benefit from the anti-aging effects of BB creams, but it’s never too early to start, in fact, the earlier, the better! Indeed, you may be surprised at just what difference using the right face product can make to your skin. When choosing cream you should buy from a reputable brand, and before making your purchase, it’s worth checking out customer reviews and comments first.

The reason that Korean BB creams are so popular is the simple fact that many of them are superior and give the skin a natural, flawless, luminous appearance without leaving it looking overdone or clogged up. They provide excellent coverage, soften and smooth the skin, disguise blemishes and discoloration, and regenerate the skin, and will help to keep you looking younger for longer. We made the MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream our top pick because it’s an excellent formula that we particularly liked in our time testing it, and also because it suits most skin types and tones. It would be interesting to hear your comments about Korean BB Creams and which is your favorite from those listed above, or perhaps one that you’d like to recommend that we haven’t included in our selection. Either way, do send us a comment to give your views.


What is the difference between CC cream and BB cream?

What is CC cream?

CC stands for ‘colour corrector’ or ‘complexion corrector’. An effective 2-in-1 skin care product, a CC cream delivers much the same results as using a colour correcting concealer together with a foundation.

CC creams neutralise the look of skin imperfections by utilising colours opposite of each other on the colour wheel. For example, if you were to have purple undereye circles and veins, you’d want to go for a peach/orange colour CC cream, and if you’re dealing with redness associated with rosacea, sunburn, acne, or broken capillaries, a green CC cream would work well to neutralise the reddish colour.

What does CC cream do?

In addition to offering a lighter coverage than a foundation, CC creams provide you with extra anti-ageing properties (AA + BB = CC!) and have a more airy texture compared to the thick and heavy texture of BB creams. CC cream is recommended for those with

  • enlarged pores

  • redness caused by rosacea

  • or uneven texture.

Look for CC creams with Niacinamide as well as Vitamins B and E to help recapture your skin’s youthful glow. Niacinamide helps exfoliates skin to reduce the look of wrinkles, while Vitamins B and E help strengthen your skin's natural defence against moisture loss. For our most potent complexion corrector action, check out Olay Regenerist Myat&t mobile app Cream SPF15, available in two shades, light and dark. It boasts the same skin benefits as our BB creams, but contains 50 percent more skin perfecting ingredients for a more visible effect. It also contains SPF 15 to protect your skin from sun damages caused by UVA & UVB rays.

When to use CC cream?

When you’re in a rush and want to cover up your imperfections in the least amount of time, or you simply don’t want to wear too much make-up, instead of choosing a foundation, go for CC cream equipped with broad-spectrum SPF, and make use of its many added skin care benefits.

What is BB cream?

BB cream is short for xbox one login with gamertag balm’ or ‘beauty balm’, and it’s used to moisturise, protect, and correct your skin.

BB creams became popular in South Korea in the mid-1980s but were actually created in Germany in the 1960s to help patients recovering from laser treatments and surgery. The trend eventually made its way from the beauty epicentre in the East to the beauty bags of women in the West around 2011. The buzz for BBs quickly made them a make-up bag must-have.

What does BB cream do?

Considerably lighter and offering a more sheer coverage than foundations, these pumped-up, tinted moisturisers provide skin-perfecting benefits to

  • refresh

  • brighten

  • hydrate

  • smooth

  • and even out your skin tone for a flawlessly radiant look.

An additional BB cream benefit found in most BB creams is sunscreen, which helps protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

For the best results, use a BB cream containing ingredients such as glycerine, Niacinamide and at least SPF 15. Glycerine helps hydrate skin by holding onto moisture; Niacinamide helps increase surface cell renewal to lift away dead skin cells for a fresh, even, rejuvenated complexion; and SPF protects against UV rays. Our recommendation is Olay Total Effects BB Day Cream, which comes in two shades: fair and medium. They both instantly even out your complexion with a touch of foundation as well as nourishing and protecting your skin to deliver 7 benefits in 1: hydrating, boosting glow, evening skin tone, minimising pores visibly, smoothing and plumping, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and protecting from environmental factors such as UVA/UVB rays with its SPF 15 protection.

When to use BB cream?

BB creams are safe to use on a regular, daily basis, but as one of the most versatile skin care products on the market, they’re especially useful when you don’t have time to apply, a moisturiser, primer and foundation: Just throw on a bit of BB cream (preferably one with SPF) and you’re ready to conquer the day!

The differences between CC and BB cream

One of the most significant differences between a CC and a BB cream is that while a BB cream offers light coverage and added skin care benefits, a CC cream also aims to colour correct. It’s primarily meant to help correct the colour of redness, dark spots or pale skin and is meant to go under a foundation.

In contrast, BB creams are useful when you want a bit of coverage with added sun protection and hydration, without looking like you have make-up on.

BB and CC creams also differ from regular tinted moisturisers, which is a type of lightweight face cream that offers a dash of colour.

If you’re more of a visual type, look at our below BB cream vs CC cream comparison table and decide which one suits your skin needs better:

How to apply a BB or CC cream

Using a BB or CC cream is blissfully simple. Just blend it in evenly with your fingertips, brush or make-up sponge for natural, sheer coverage.

Because both BB and CC creams are multiuse, you can skip primer and moisturiser altogether and wear them alone or layer them under your favourite foundation for natural-looking, beautiful skin and the ultimate no-make-up make-up look!

For more on this topic, read Olay’s comprehensive guide on how to apply BB and CC creams, and become a true cream-connoisseur.

Discover Olay’s BB and CC creams for flawless coverage

BB and CC creams have been around for close to 60 years; yet it is only within the last decade that they have become popular and widely used by women everywhere. Now it’s time for you to join in on the fun, too!

Whether you want to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, nourish your dry or sensitive skin, or even out your skin tone and cover blemishes, Olay is here to help!

Take a look at our great range of BB and CC creams, and find the perfect product for your daily skin care routine.


How to use BB cream for beginners

BB cream is hailed as a miracle makeup-skincare hybrid, and the millions of women who wear it every day show there’s more than a little truth to that statement. It was the secret of Korean beauties for a while, but it really started taking the American beauty market by storm in 2011. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about BB cream, including what it does, how to use BB cream, and what brands to buy.

What does BB stand for?

Just to create some confusion, there’s not one correct answer to the question of what “BB” stands for. In Korea it’s usually known as “blemish balm”, or “blemish base” which makes sense given it’s a base product for your skin. Sometimes it’s even known as “beblesh balm”, although what “beblesh” means, no one seems to know. It sure is fun to say, though!

In the Western world, “BB” usually just means “beauty balm”. That doesn’t tell you much about what the product is and what it will do for you—but it sounds good!

The “balm” part of the name is a little misleading. It suggests a product that’s thick and heavy, but most BB creams are quite the opposite. It’s a bit of a throwback to the original creator of the BB cream, a German dermatologist called Dr. Christine Schrammek. She developed the first blemish balm way back in 1967, as a protective balm to use after facial peels and other dermatological treatments. Can you believe BB cream has been around for fifty years?

So what is BB cream?

There are a lot of different types of BB cream on the market, but most companies seem to agree that BB cream is a multi-tasking skincare cream with added coverage—like a cross between a serum, a moisturizer and a lightweight foundation.

It sounds magical, and it pretty much is. BB creams promise to handle all kinds of skin complaints, from evening out skin tone, to brightening, to smoothing the skin’s texture. Some BB creams even have anti-aging properties. Most commonly you’ll see BB creams that have healing properties for pimples or zits (hence the “blemish” part of the name).

BB cream became popular in America and the Western beauty world after Korean TV and film stars embraced it for the perfecting effect it has on their skin on-screen. Korean starlets are the queens of beautiful, natural, fresh and hydrated skin—just picture someone like Song Hye-kyo—so people in Korea quickly began seeking out the products they were using. After Korean cosmetic companies mastered the product and it took the market by storm, the US started paying attention. Soon enough, BB cream came to Western shores and now it’s popular all over the world, with a huge market share.

How does it compare to other “alphabet” creams?

After BB cream became a global best-selling product, companies started coming out with other “double-letter” or “alphabet” creams. You might have seen CC creams, DD creams and even EE creams on the shelves of your drugstore or beauty salon. So what’s the difference between a BB cream, and, say, a CC cream?

CC cream usually stands for color-correcting cream, or sometimes complexion-corrector cream. It’s the product to choose for someone who wants to balance color in their skin. That might be excess redness in the cheeks, even rosacea, or it could be sallowness or hyperpigmentation. Different CC creams are available for difference color-correcting needs, but the most common is one that can counteract redness in the skin, often through a green tint.

Then you have DD cream. DD cream can mean “dynamic do-all” or “daily defense”. While a BB cream often focuses on blemishes and a CC cream focuses on color, the DD cream usually focuses on anti-aging. DD creams are best for more mature skins and for people who want to ward off the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles.

Lastly let’s quickly talk about EE creams. At this point in the alphabet, any consistency has fallen by the wayside and there’s no agreement on what EE stands for. Estee Lauder claims to have invented the first EE cream (Amazon link), and theirs stands for “enlighten”, suggesting a brightening cream that helps even out the skin tone.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all these alphabet creams, the safest choice is to consider a BB cream. While most other double-letter creams focus on just one skin complaint, BB creams are multi-taskers that offer a lot more all in one product. Choose a BB cream if you’re not sure which one to go for, and all your skin needs will be addressed!

What does BB cream do for your skin?

If you’re asking “What will BB cream do for my skin?” you might be better off asking what BB cream won’t do for your skin. Most beauty products have one main outcome: your moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated; your sunscreen protects it from best korean whitening bb cream UV rays and sun damage. Any BB cream can do both of these things, and more! To make it easy for you to understand I’ve broken down the main things a BB cream can do for your skin, and how it does them.


First of all, a BB cream will always have moisturizing properties. Feel it on the back of your hand, or on your face, and you’ll notice that your skin instantly feels hydrated and less dry. If you suffer from dryness, flaky skin or peeling, a BB cream will treat that right away.

BB creams hydrate by having high percentages of moisturizing ingredients. They are almost always water-based, and the water is paired with an ingredient like glycerin to keep it in your skin and keep your skin moist.

If dryness is a major concern for you, look for hyaluronic acid, or sodium hyaluronate, in the ingredients list of your BB cream. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that can bond with up to 1000 times its weight in water, so it’s incredibly hydrating and perfect for dry and dehydrated skin types.


After you’ve applied a BB cream all over your face, you’ll notice your pores might look smaller and the texture of your skin might look more even. How can a BB cream smooth your skin? Again, let’s take a look at the ingredients. Most BB creams use smoothing silicones like dimethicone to improve the appearance of the texture of your skin and make your pores look smaller. These are perfectly safe ingredients that wash off at the end of the day, so you can enjoy the benefits safely with your everyday makeup.


Remember how “BB” often stands for “blemish balm”? That means your BB cream will be able to conceal and cover, and even help heal any active blemishes on your face. Whether your suffer from acne or just have a few hormonal spots, applying BB cream on top might speed up their healing. That’s great news, especially when sometimes putting foundation on top of breakouts can make them worse.

For example, the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream (Amazon link) promises to clear acne. It can fight breakouts because it contains 2% salicylic acid, a common treatment for spots that’s completely safe to use. Learning how to use BB cream includes understanding what these active ingredients do.


Because a BB cream contains some level of coverage, it will even out the appearance of your skin best korean whitening bb cream and help your skin look clearer and brighter. Some BB creams contain light-reflective ingredients to amplify this effect.

BB creams can also sometimes contain ingredients that will help brighten your skin over time. This feature is particularly popular in Asia, where a brighter skin tone is very desirable. This also takes us to the next feature of some BB creams…


The skincare and beauty market in Korea is very focused on having lighter, brighter skin. Whether you agree with it or not, there are a lot of products that can whiten the skin a little. Luckily, not every BB cream on the market will whiten your skin, but there are some BB creams that contain whitening ingredients.

One very popular whitening ingredient in Korea is arbutin. Arbutin is included in many skin-bleaching and skin-lightening creams. It’s not dangerous to use, but it’s important that you consider whether you want a lighter skin tone all over before you start using a BB cream that contains arbutin or another skin-bleaching ingredient like hydroquinone.


This is one of the fundamental features of every BB cream out there. You’ll notice all BB creams have sunscreen in them, and usually not less than SPF 20. Some BB creams go all the way up to SPF 50 or higher! SPF shows how much a product can protect your skin from UVB rays—those are the kind that cause sunburn, and can cause the development of skin cancer.

As well as having an SPF rating, you’ll see most BB creams also display a PA rating on them. This is an important thing to pay attention to. The PA rating shows how much a product can protect your skin from UVB rays, and it’s shown as PA+, PA++, or PA+++. UVB rays are the ones that penetrate deep into your skin and cause damage that you don’t notice right away. Instead, edmond tag agency downtown time you’ll notice your skin showing sunspots and wrinkles. Using a base product every day that has a high PA rating will help ward off signs of premature aging.

Basically, a good BB cream will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. This means it will keep your skin tone even, help ward off skin cancer, as well as hyperpigmentation and premature aging. I bet you’re beginning to see why BB creams are described as a miracle product!


The advantages of BB cream just keep coming. While we’ve been talking about skincare benefits of BB cream so far, it also has some fantastic makeup components. The ingredients in BB creams that help smooth your skin also make it a brilliant makeup primer. Put on a thin layer of BB cream before any other makeup, and it will make that makeup last longer and look better on the skin.

Using a BB cream as a primer also means that you won’t need to use as much foundation and concealer. Your skin will look smooth and perfected without looking like you’re wearing a lot of makeup.


Different BB creams offer different levels of coverage. Korean and other Asian BB creams usually have quite high coverage—comparable to a light- to medium-coverage foundation. These do a great job of evening out your skin tone, as well as covering dark circles or under-eye bags, spots and blemishes, without having to use a heavy concealer. You can use a BB cream as an alternative to foundation if it has a decent level of coverage, or on days where you want your skin to look more natural.

Some BB creams have a lighter texture, and more natural coverage, similar to a tinted moisturizer. These are great choices for when you don’t want to look like you’re wearing makeup at all, but still want to look your best. In fact, a lot of men wear these types of BB creams and you can’t even tell they’re wearing makeup!

How to use BB cream

The method you choose to apply your BB cream with will depend on how you want it to look, and what level of coverage you’re going for. Let’s work through them from least coverage to most.

Applying BB cream with your fingers

The most natural way to apply BB cream is with your fingers, just like you’d put on a moisturizer or other skincare product. To begin with, you want to make sure your fingers are clean!

Squeeze or pump a little onto your fingertips and dot it around your face, focusing on the areas you want the most coverage. Then rub the product gently into your skin, making sure to blend it thoroughly around the edges of your face and around your eyes and nose. You can pat your fingers over your skin to avoid pulling at it. This will also give you a nice dewy, natural finish.

How to apply BB cream with a sponge

beauty blender how to use bb cream

Applying a BB cream with a sponge will give a bit more coverage. You can use a small disposable wedge sponge, or a popular makeup sponge like the Beauty Blender (Amazon link). First, make sure your sponge is wet. This will stop the sponge from soaking up all the product. It will also give a nice even application on your skin.

You can dispense the product directly onto the sponge, or use your fingers like the method above to dot it around your face. Then bounce the sponge across the skin to distribute the BB cream. Use the corners or narrow end of the sponge around your nose and underneath your eyes.

Apply more BB cream directly to the sponge if you want to build up the coverage in any areas where you might have redness or spots.

You can use the same sponge directly after if you’re planning on wearing more makeup over the top of the BB cream. A cream blush or bronzer applied with the same sponge will give a very natural, flushed effect—very popular in Korea.

The best brushes for applying BB cream

You can always treat your BB cream exactly like a foundation and use a brush. The shape of brush you use will determine how it looks on your skin.

If you use a duo-fibre brush it will give a very natural, lightweight finish on the skin. Duo-fibre brushes have two lengths of bristles, one to apply the product and one to work it into the skin.

For greater coverage and to apply BB creams that are thicker, a flat-top “kabuki” style makeup brush works best. These have a dense, flat area of bristles which will spread the product across the skin and build it up to a full coverage look. This method of application is best if you want to use your BB cream as a base for other makeup.

Cushion BB creams

BB cushion cream

More recently, cushion-style BB creams are coming to the market. These are contained in a little compact, and a product-soaked sponge dispenses the product. Cushion compacts come with a small powder-puff style applicator which you press into the product and then press or roll across your face. This is another way to build up coverage with your BB cream or just apply it to select areas.

When to choose BB cream over foundation

A key point in learning how to use BB cream is know when to use it. A BB cream is the perfect product to have in your makeup bag for when you want your skin to look a little better than it does bare, but not look like you’re wearing a ton of makeup.


Throw on a light layer of BB cream, some mascara and a tinted lip balm for the weekend, whether you’re popping out for brunch, running some errands or even just taking the dog for a walk. It’s a relaxed look, and if you’re going outside the sun protection is a must!

The gym

We all know we shouldn’t wear makeup to the gym, but if you get beetroot-red after working out, you’ll want a little coverage. Because BB cream has such good family financial credit union norton shores power, it’s a great choice for wearing to the gym. And if you’re working out or going for a run outdoors, again, the sun protection is a saving grace.

High school

If you’re just getting into makeup, or if you’re in middle school or high school and aren’t allowed to wear makeup to school, BB cream is a good compromise. It’s a great way to take care of your skin and still give it a bit of color. If you’re dealing with teenage hormonal acne, a BB cream that treats blemishes will even help with that!

Best brands of BB cream

best bb creams

There are so many brands of BB cream out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and can recommend some of the best BB creams available, no matter what your skin type or skin need is.

Korean BB creams

It all started here, so let’s talk about the best Korean BB creams first.

Best Korean BB cream for pale skin

The Laneige Snow BB Cream has SPF 41 and PA++ protection. It’s lightening and brightening, and comes in a shade range light enough for even the palest skin. Laneige is one of the most popular brands of BB cream, and with Song Hye-kyo as the face of the brand, you know it’s gotta be good.

Best Korean BB cream for coverage

Liole is a Korean brand that’s been around since 2003, and they offer a range of BB creams. The Liole Triple the Solution BB Cream (SOLD OUT) is a favorite of popular YouTuber Shaaanxo, and you can see her using it in a lot of her beauty tutorials. Shannon rates the Liole Triple the Solution BB cream for its high coverage and performance as a foundation primer.

Best Korean BB cream brand

Skin79 (Amazon link) is one of the most popular BB cream brands, and for good reason. They offer a huge range of beblesh balms so there’s one for every need and skin type. Their products come in fun, bright-colored pump bottles and all have high sun protection, as well as offering good coverage. If you’re not sure where to start with BB creams, look at Skin79.

Western BB creams

Best BB cream for acne

The Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream (Amazon link) includes acne-fighting ingredients so it can help heal while it covers. It’s best suited for oily or combination skin, which is the most common skin type for teenagers anyway. It’s really affordable too, which helps!

Best BB cream for mature skin

While anti-aging isn’t the number one function of BB creams, it’s a nice bonus. If you have mature skin and want a BB cream that will help slow the first financial federal credit union skokie of aging, try the Garnier Skin Active Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (Amazon link). It’s available in multiple skin tones, and promises to immediately firm and brighten the skin for a younger and healthier look.

How to use BB cream: Recap

There’s a lot to know about BB creams, and we hope that this article has taken you from a beginner to someone who now knows what to look for in a BB cream. We’ve gone over what makes BB cream unique, how to use BB cream, and what brands to explore first. Once you’ve tried a few, you’re bound to find a BB cream that’s right for you.

bb cream expert
About the author: Morgan Ashworth is a New Zealand-based makeup artist and Korean beauty lover. You can find her rambling about all things beauty at Hyacinth Girl.

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Thrashing the years-old phenomenon of putting layers of makeup to look beautiful, ladies have become more and more concerned about their skin. From being beauty-centric, they have now turned to care about their skin, its nutrition and health. A primary reason behind this paradigm shift is the rising popularity of Korean BB Cream.

The BB Cream has been a revolutionary product that has made women think about benefits that a nutritional cream must offer. Besides offering mighty makeup results, the Koren BB Cream also allows its users to enjoy a handful of benefits as well.


Quick List of Top Korean BB Cream

Here is the list of featured products on this list, linked to Amazon:

  1. Marcelle BB Cream
  2. Skin79 Gold Super+ BB Cream
  3. Holika Holika Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream
  4. Missha M Signature BB Cream 
  5. Beauty Shot Face Blur KPop
  6. More

First created in Germany, the BB Cream was brought up and honed in Korea. For anyone searching a BB Cream that isn’t made in Korea but offers the same level of quality, coverage, high-end natural finish, the richness of antioxidants and high-level SPF, it is reportedly not possible to attain success.

The Korean BB creams are known for being excellent and flawless and with all these benefits, it also keeps the body hydrating.

For the uninitiated, BB creams are special products that allow users to nurture their skin and in the meantime flaunt flawless skin as well. With a variety of ingredients used in manufacturing the much talked about cream, the Korean BB Cream is available in a number of variants and each variant aims to help you look beautiful, young and vibrant.

Best Korean BB Cream

If you are the lady looking ahead for young looking skin, and flawless beauty, you must buy a BB Cream that is the best among the many in the market.

Because of the rising demand for this radical product, the number of counterfeit products in the market has also increased.

This makes it hard to find out the best product that would allow you to glorify your skin and invest your hard-earned money in the right type of cream.

Just to help our readers reach the best Korean BB Cream, here we have reviewed 7 top Korean BB creams available in the market. Read the reviews and pick the best match for your skin type, budget, and beauty goals.

1. Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow Beauty Balm

What makes BB cream a must-have essential for your vanity is its preparedness. All you need to do is squeeze the right quantity right out of the tube and apply it on to your face. The Marcelle Golden Universal Hypoallergenic is one such cream that keeps you away from all the formalities of makeup routines.

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An extraordinary product from the brand house of Marcelle, this Korean BB cream is famous for offering a smooth, dewy skin that looks and feels immaculate. Without giving any extra effort, the cream delivers excellent results that many other counterparts struggle to claim. With the richness of aloe and chamomile, the cream does wonders in calming the skin tone and hydrating each pore of your skin. Packed with a booster dose of antioxidants, it also allows your skin to breathe against the powerful environmental stressors. Let us have a quick glance at its key features:

Key Features:

  • Enough hassle walmart prepaid gift card balance find the best BB cream matching with your skin tone, the Marcelle Golden Universal Hypoallergenic BB cream has self-adjusting pigments that gel up with dark or light skin tones.
  • The results are immaculate and contain a slight hint of illumination as well, making it look more natural.
  • For the goal of attaining rejuvenated and younger looking skin, the cream comes packed with an abundance of anti-oxidants and soothing agents like chamomile and aloe.
  • It also restricts the premature aging and pigmentation problems in young ladies.
  • A three in one cream, it eliminates the use of moisturizer, makeup base, and a makeup concealer or corrector.
  • It is dermatologically tested and certified to be best for one and all with its properties of being hypoallergenic, paraben free, oil free, fragrance-free, as well as non-comedogenic.

How to use:

It is aimed to deliver you high functionality while enhancing your beauty base. To use this quality Korean BB Cream, take sufficient quantity according to your face and with your fingers put a few dabs over the face. Now using the forefingers, rub it gently throughout to give a perfect finish.


  • The multi-purpose formula of this cream caters to your need for three different beauty products namely moisturizer, makeup base, and a tinted corrector.
  • It is also best for soothing skin burns and even out the skin tone.
  • Hypoallergenic, it is completely safe to use for people suffering from different types of skin allergies.


  • Those who wear it for the first time, complains of feeling makeup deprived as it is too light to feel on your skin but delivers marvelous results.

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2. Skin79 Gold Super+ BB Cream

The Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Bb Cream is another Korean BB Cream making a lot of buzz in the market. It is www walmart careers com login of its high SPF count that this very product is much admired by women across the globe, especially in the warmer states, where protecting your skin from the scorching sun is a prime concern. Besides skin protection, it also offers skin whitening effects, a much-wanted effect desired by many Asian women primarily.

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From hydrating your skin to rejuvenating the dead cells and pores, the cream is a perfect blend of tested ingredients that hold the very ability to bring life back to your skin. Let us find out what makes this cream sit on the second number of our review list:

Key Features:

  • With its enriched formulae, the cream delivers three functions at a time- skin whitening, anti-wrinkle or anti-aging effects, and high value SPF30 sunscreen protection against the sun and UV rays.
  • Jam-packed with power ingredients like Gold, Niacinamide, and Caviar, the Korean BB cream hydrates your skin and help it loosen to its natural self by nurturing the dry and tired tissues.
  • Enhanced coverage in minimal amount use and results are natural looking and flawless.
  • It specifically targets tired, dull and damaged skin and starts rejuvenating the skin cells within a very first day of use.

How to use:

Experts recommend using the Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Bb Cream in the right quantity and on the area of the face that is dull and dry. For applying the cream, follow the routine of patting your makeup in its last stage of completion and the results will be flawless.


  • The cream is made for the target audience that has loose, dry, dull and sagging skin and after regular use delivers extraordinary results.
  • All the ingredients used in this cream are dermatologically tested and verified to bryant park winter village promo code used on all skin types.
  • With a variety of essential oils and rare natural ingredients, the cream works on the dry skin from within, eliminating the root cause of the skin aging problem.


  • A number of complaints have been registered about the tone of the cream being too cold and fake. Due to this, the cream doesn’t blend perfectly with different skin tones and give a flaky finish.

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3. Holika Holika Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream

While most of the Korean BB creams pay attention to bringing out a perfect picture of flawless skin, Holika Holika Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream goes beyond the conventional usage. It fights the cause of dry and lifeless skin and refills liveliness and glow back. A fine product from a reputed brand, Petit BB is trial and tested by many ladies across the world with same results that claim flawless skin and radiant glow along with permanent dryness solutions.

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Besides playing the role of a perfect makeup enhancer, the cream has many more evitable benefits to offer. It nourishes the skin in a way that it fights against the external environmental factors damaging the skin as well as the harmful UV rays that are readily present to rip off the beauty of your face. The effects of this cream on acne prone and pigment related skin problems are the most talked about feature. The other key feature of this affordable and result-oriented Korean BB cream includes:

Key Features:

  • The cream offers high coverage and complete protection against the scorching sun, thanks to the powerful SPF30 PA++ factor.
  • It is a multifunctional cream best known for its ability to hide imperfections flawlessly and at the same time fighting the reasons for skin problems and skin damage.
  • It nourishes the skin from within and thus brings out the natural glow. For this, it is packed with tea tree oil that offers sebum control power for a soft and subtle look.

How to use?

The cream can be applied with fingers or puff. Take an appropriate amount of the cream in hands and spread it all over your face evenly and lightly.


  • The cream does wonders to people with mildly oily skin. You do not have to keep bloating your face every 10 seconds to check if you have excess oil. The cream controls the oil secretion.
  • For women with red, sensitive and uneven skin types, this cream comes up as a boon. It perfectly covers all the imperfections while making it appear as much natural as possible, unlike other makeup solutions that result in cakey and unnatural.


  • The cream has a very strong smell that might make users uncomfortable. Especially when you have to wear the cream all day long.

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4. Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25

Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 just like its packing is a womanly favor. Boasting of its power that comes from 50 plant-based ingredients used in making this wondrous lotion. The richness of these ingredients nourish your skin and hydrate the dull and drying skin.

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Missha is known to bring revolutionary beauty products to life and the Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++ No.13 Bright Milky Beige is definitely one of them. It holds immense richness to soothe and calm the skin as well as purifying the pore for enhancing the internal health of the skin. Some other extraordinary features of this popular Korean BB cream includes:

Key Features:

  • It is powered by over 50 plant-based ingredients that make it the most natural BB Cream in the market. with this formula, it provides nutrition and hydrates the pores and the skin tissues from within.
  • The cream also comes with Micro Multi Roling Grinding Technology laden particles that spread over the skin perfectly offering an even and natural skin cover.
  • The BB cream operates on pore purifying formula that reduces the age of your skin and makes you look younger.
  • It works wonderfully with all types of skin tones and when exposed to light it radiates in all direction offering a more radiant glow.

How to use?

Once you are done with your skin care routine, take the BB cream and spread it evenly on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin with fingers or a sponge for a perfect finish.


  • The product is made of highly natural products and thus eliminate the chances of skin allergies.
  • It can be best korean whitening bb cream as a primer, foundation, and concealer to give you a perfectly shinning skin tone.
  • It easily matches a number of skin tones and is a proven boon for people with pale skin type.


  • It does not last very long, especially in areas with high humidity. Also, it smells like too much of sunscreen which very comfortable giving.

5. Beauty Shot Face Blur KPop Korean Cosmetics

Beauty Shot Face Blur 35g SPF33 PA++ KPop Korean Cosmetics, just like its name, is a game that gives you a shot of beauty and glamor. It is a lightweight cream that works wonders on bumpy us bank mortgage account login giving it new and radiant look and feel. Unlike cakey foundations, the cream enhances the glow and the beauty of the skin from within and allows you to flaunt enhanced beauty measures.

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It effortlessly covers pores and other skin evident problems, while enhancing the natural glow and radiance of your skin. It sits on your skin without taking away the natural essence and softens its similar to baby skin. The extraordinary effects of this Korean BB cream include:

Key features:

  • One of the unique features of this cream is its filtering effect wherein it effects on each layer of skin one at a time and smoothens and hydrates every layer on its way.
  • Evenly spread across the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead covering bumpy and patched skin all at once.
  • The BB cream also offers whitening effects and helps make darker skin tones a few shades lighter and brighter while covering uneven and pigmented skin marvelously.
  • It also has a perfect balance of Baby pixel powder and covers powder compounds which further enhance the look and effects of this cream
  • After everything, it stays invisible on the skin offering no cakey or artificial effects.

How to use?

Take it in right quantity so that it covers your entire face. Now dab it on your face using forefingers or a sponge and spread it on its entire face admiring the glowing skin that you get.


  • The cream affects one layer of skin after another while treating all the impurities and dryness in every layer.
  • The final look comes out very natural and not at all cakey and make you look flawlessly elegant.
  • It works wonder for darker skin tones offering them lightening effect.


  • It is bound to leave a white/pinkish cast after all that does not suit the Asian skin tone.

6. Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45

Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45, a finer and luxurious BB cream from the house of Dr. Jart+. Known for releasing a number of makeup essentials in the market, this is a new and innovative product from its range. The cream, advertised as a one-step balm, protects the skin from dryness and aging effects along with preventing the damage from an environmental factor. It has a high range of sunscreen as well which offers a great shade from the sun and the UV Rays.

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Like the best of the BB creams, this cream also is a compact cream and can be used for multiple functions. Here are a few of the key features of this famous Korean BB Cream:

Key features:

  • It is made bespoke to suit the needs of lighter skin tone.
  • It is compact skin balm that protects the skin from the ghastly effects of the sun (with SPF 45) and other environmental factors.
  • The cream is loaded with anti-aging properties that it takes a loan from Bio-Peptide Complex infused with white gold. It also boosts the amount of natural collagen in your skin.

How to use it?

It can be applied using your fingers. Take appropriate quantity and spread the cream all over your face, enhancing your beauty.


  • The cream is free from Sulfates and Phthalates.
  • It has Bio-Peptide Complex infused with white gold that is the best remedy to fight anti-aging effects.


  • While the cream suits the whitening needs of Asian skin, it can have drastically whitish effects for American or British skin tones.

7. Dr.G Gowoonsesang Daily Safe BB SPF30 PA++

If you have kept yourself from using the famous BB cream only because you have sensitive skin, the Dr.G Gowoonsesang Daily Safe BB SPF30 PA++ comes as a boon for your skin requirements. It is advertised as a soothing cream, thanks to the mild formula behind its creation. Redness, skin allergy or any other skin related issue, the cream covers everything.

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The cream perfectly moisturizes the skin leaving a soft and nourishing effect. It is one of the best Korean BB creams that boast of its formula & ingredients. Let’s have a look at a few amazing features of this cream.

Key Features:

  • The cream is made especially for sensitive skin.
  • It has a “10 ingredient” formula, comprising of parabens, benzophenone, tar color, talc, mineral oil, petrolatum, triethanolamine, Sulfate surfactant, propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol)
  • Essential fatty acid, linolenic acid, Hawaiian candlenut oil, which involves rich oleic acid, and calendula flower the cream cast a moisture spell over your skin.
  • It has 39% of repair water, which means it offers enhanced protection against the environmental factors.

How to use?

It is easy to use, after you are done with your routine makeup, use it as the final layer. Spread across the face, evenly, using forefingers.


  • It is a rich BB cream with high-quality and advanced composition.
  • The cream works perfectly on dry and oily skin alike.
  • It lightens the skin tone while fighting against the dryness and other environmental factors.


  • The cream is reportedly very thin in texture which makes it tugs to the fine lines.

Important faqs about BB cream:

Here are a few commonly asked questions about BB cream that we would like to answer for our readers:

What is BB cream?

BB cream is a cream/moisturizer/balm that is jam-packed with nutrients and allow a quick application that multi-functions making your look perfect.

What are the key benefits of BB cream?

  • Nourishes skin
  • Enhances Even Tones
  • Covers imperfections perfectly
  • Provides UV protection
  • Boosts natural glow
  • Hydrates skin and eliminates the aging effects

How to choose the perfect BB cream?

Usually BB cream comes as per the skin types. The common varieties available are Normal to Sensitive, Oily, Mildly Centerpoint energy pay my bill mn and more. Besides these you can also choose BB cream as per the desired results like anti-aging, covering the imperfections, lightning the skin tone and more.

Why BB cream and not any other traditional beauty product?

With BB cream you get instant and long-lasting beauty results along with hydration, nourishment, U V protection and more.

What does BB mean in the BB Cream?

BB is an abbreviation used for Blemish Balm. The primary motive of BB cream is to cover imperfections like blemishes and uneven skin tones.

How is BB cream different from CC creams?

BB cream hydrates the skin and nourishes it to is planet fitness open today on labor day imperfections and also provide many other skin benefits. However, CC cream means Color control and is focused on covering the pigmentation flaws. For this purpose, it holds high pigment colors.

Does it gives natural finish?

Yes, BB cream is made to spread evenly and is very light on the skin. So, you can wear it without worrying about the cakey effect.


Are you looking for a skincare cream that provides a plethora of benefits? From moisturizing to sun protection, anti-aging to skin brightening, and from a makeup base to a coverage cream – Korean BB creams or Korean Beauty Balms can be your go-to product for daily wear.

With skin-first philosophy becoming the norm, people are now practicing a fundamental change in their skincare and makeup routine. This versatile cream that provides numerous benefits, as well as flawless beauty, has gained popularity among the masses. BB creams are now a staple in every girl’s arsenal.In this article, we have listed the best Korean BB creams. Check them out!

What Exactly Is A BB Cream or Korean Beauty Balm&Why Do I Need It?

A BB cream or a blemish balm can be used by anyone regardless of their skin type. It is just like foundation, but it has a way lighter consistency and provides medium coverage on your skin. It is best known to provide skin benefits,such as anti-aging, sun protection, hydration, and skin brightening. More importantly,a BB cream is formulated using ingredients that offer antioxidant properties that work to enhance your skin’s overall health and appearance.

Korean dermatologists are world-renowned for their expertise. Hence, most makeup products from Koreahave a striking balance between skincare and makeup. When you ponder over it, it is a rather sensible approach.If your skin isn’t healthy, how would your makeup look great?

With various brands emerging in the market, it can be confusing to choose a cream for your skin, but we’ve made your job easier. Here are the top 10 Korean BB creams that offer the best results when applied on the reg.

Top 10 Korean BB Creams To Try In 2019

1.  Nature Republic SPF 30 Snail Solution BB Cream


Nature Republic SPF 30 Snail Solution BB Cream is the perfect solution to reduce the appearance of acne scars, dark spots, and the effects of anti-aging on your skin. It is enriched with the goodness of Snail Mucin, which is an extract of the African Resurrection Plant. The Snail Mucin enhancescollagen productionand stimulates the skin’s elasticity to make it appear firmer. It also protects skin lipids from oxidation.

Suitable For: Sensitive or troubled skin


  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Hydrates and nourishes theskin
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Hides acne scars and dark spots
  • Good coverage
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Makes skin firm



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2. LDREAMAM Colour Changing Liquid Foundation


LDREAMAM Colour Changing Liquid Foundation is a long-lasting foundation cum BB cream that has abundant skin-perfecting qualities. Its weightless and smoothformula blends well with your skin tone without giving you a cakey look. With just one application, it effectively conceals large pores, dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections. Since it provides medium coverage, the natural skin tone remains intact. If you are searching for the best Korean foundation for dry skin that imparts a beautiful glow on your skin, this is certainly worth a try!

Suitable For: Combination to dry skin


  • Adds a natural glow
  • Natural finish
  • Balances the skin tone
  • Spreads well on your skin
  • Blends well
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Sweatproof



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3. Hydroxtone Anti-Ageing BB Cream

Hydroxtone Anti-Ageing BB Cream is uniquely formulated to suit all skin tones whileoffering a flawless appearance to the skin. The cream instantly conceals flaws, keeps your skin hydrated, and protects itfrom the harmful UV rays of the sun. Its formula also has anti-aging properties that help make your skin look more youthful and radiant. If you’re on the hunt for a Korean BB cream that is ideal for mature skin, this one is a great fit as it helps delay the signs of aging.

Suitable For: All skin types


  • Conceals all your flaws
  • Contains SPF 40
  • Non-drying formula
  • Lightweight
  • Protects your skin from sun damage
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Blends well
  • Cons


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4. G Daily Safe BB Cream Sensitive SPF 30

Dr. G Daily Safe Korean BB Cream imparts a soothing effect how do i find out if my realtor is licensed your skin. It contains wholesome ingredients such as linolenic acid, Hawaiin candlenut oil, and calendula flower. These work effectively to help your skin retain moisture while thoroughly nourishing it from within. It also contains SPF 30 to protect your skin from sun damage and environmental pollutants. According to firsthand user reviews, this Korean BB cream is considered to be one of the best formulas for dry skin.

Suitable For:Dry skin


  • Increases moisture-retaining ability
  • Improves skin health
  • Soothes skin
  • Contains SPF 30
  • Adds glow to the skin



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5. G Gowoonsesang Perfect Pore BB Cream Korea

Dr. G Gowoonsesang Perfect Pore BB Cream is a feather-light formula that leaves you with a fresh matte finish. It controls excess oil and sebum productionwhile effectively hiding acne scars and redness. It also minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores without irritating your skin. The cream contains lime tree water and cabbage extracts that remove underlying dirt from your skin while caring for it. Rosehip oil and lemon balm extracts help keep your skin moisturized at all times. This BB cream also inhibits bacterial infection on the skin. It is one of the best Korean moisturizers for combination skin.

Suitable For:Combination to oily skin


  • Matte finish
  • Protects skin from sun damage
  • Gives a matte finish
  • Controls excess oil production
  • Blends easily
  • Nourishing ingredients



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6.  Missha M Perfect Cover BB Korean Cream

Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream is one of the most popular Korean BB creams. It offers flawless coverage, giving you a balanced skin toneand a smoother complexion. Its formula contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and Gatuline RC, which keep your skin hydrated for long hours. When applied regularly, the Best korean whitening bb cream cream helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its botanical essences, blend of plant oils, and marine extracts help replenish essential nutrients in your skin. The cream is not only used by top Korean celebrities, but also by stars from all over the world.

Suitable for: Combination to dry skin


  • Hydrates skin
  • Contains anti-aging properties
  • Makes your skin firmer
  • Balances the skin tone
  • Buildable coverage



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7. Skin 79 BB Super+ Triple Function Beblesh Cream

Product Description:

Skin 79 BB Super+ Triple Function Beblesh Cream is a real game-changer. The light texture of its formula helps rejuvenate your skin while making it look more youthful. The cream effectively covers blemishes, acne marks, and other unwanted scars on your skin. It is one of the best blemish balm creams from Korea, as it helps fight dullness on your skin forces of nature nail fungus amazon within. After moisturizing your skin with your regular moisturizer, dispense a small amount of the cream, apply it with your fingertips and spread evenly, pat lightly for complete absorption.

Suitable for: Oily Skin with large pores


  • Excellent coverage
  • Long-wearing
  • Fights dullness
  • Lightweight
  • Blends well



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8. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream is a lightweight formula that offers medium coverage. This cream helps delay premature signs of aging while making your skin appear firmer. Its hydrating formula keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day and also protects against sun damage and tanning. If you’re looking for a tinted moisturizer with SPF and skin whitening properties, this one is an excellent choice. It is available in three shades.

Suitable for: oily skin, sensitive skin


  • Brightens the complexion
  • Contains SPF
  • Contains anti-aging properties
  • Keeps your skin moisturized
  • Hydrates well
  • Gives medium coverage



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9. Dr. Jart+ Premium Korean Beauty Balm SPF 45

Dr. Jart+ Premium Korean Beauty Balm SPF 45 www walmart careers com login a one-step balm that helps smoothen your skin and keeps it moisturized all day long. It is one of the best Korean BB creams for acne-prone skin as it does not clog pores or irritate the skin.Besides, its SPF 45 helps protect your skin from sun damage and other environmental factors. It contains Bio-Peptide Complex infused with white gold that stimulates the production best korean whitening bb cream collagen while delaying premature signs of aging.

Suitable for: Sensitive suntrust bank atlanta ga phone number acne-prone skin


  • Moisturizes well
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Contains SPF 45
  • Contains anti-aging properties
  • Smoothens skin


Not suitable for dark skin tones

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10. Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

Super fun to use, Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream is enriched with the goodness of mint water and marine jelly complex that makes your skin soft, supple, and smooth. This jelly BB cream is a water-based formula that spreads easily on the skin and blends like a dream.Its unique texture hydrates and moisturizes your skin well, without ever clogging your pores. It is specially formulated to achieve Korean dewy makeup and also works as an excellent moisturizer for dry skin. Apply it on clean skin, blend it evenly, and pat gently for your skin to completely absorb it.

Suitable For: Combination to oily skin


  • Smoothens skin
  • Hydrates well
  • Non-drying formula
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Blends easily
  • Lightweight



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Ingredients To Look For In a BB Cream

Various Brands on the market develop distinct formulas to address specific skin concerns of every individual.Down below are somerecommended ingredients that make for a great addition best korean whitening bb cream your BB cream formula.

  • Hyaluronic acid (anti-aging)
  • Vitamin C (healthy skin)
  • Olive Oil (imparts a healthy glow)
  • Arbutin (whitening agent)
  • SPF
  • Tints
  • Botanical extracts
  • Plant oils

What To Consider When Choosing A BB Cream? 

Before you take that final plunge to buy a BB cream, here are some things to keep in mind:

  •  A BB cream with SPF saves you from the hassle of applying a sun protectant underneath your makeup. Plus, your makeup won’t look cakey.
  • You should know your skin type before you buy a BB cream.
  • What kind of coverage are you looking for – sheer, medium, or heavy? Different BB creams give different levels of coverage. To avoid getting overwhelmed looking for the right BB cream, know what you are looking for first.
  • Your budgetis another essential factor. There are a bunch of affordable options out there that do the job just as effectively as high-end luxury BB creams.

How To Apply BB Cream?

  • Use a face wash or cleansing milk to clean your face
  • Apply your regular moisturizer and allow it to absorb.
  • Dispense a small amount of BB cream on your fingertips
  • Apply it in dots on your face and neck area
  • Blend it well with a blender or your fingertips.
  • Apply a setting powder to seal the deal.

If you are tired of using a bunch of different products everyday before stepping out, a BB cream is the perfect way to finish your beauty routine in a single step. With that, we come to an end of our round-up of the 10 best Korean BB creams to try in 2019. Which one are you looking forward to trying? Let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use BB cream as sunscreen?

Ideally, you can’t use a BB cream as sunscreen. However, if your BB cream contains an SPF of at least 30, you can skip the sunscreen and use the BB by itself.

Can you replace foundation with BB cream?

Yes, you can replace foundation with BB cream.To do so, choose a BB cream that provides good coverage.Applying too many products on your skin may make your makeup look cakey or might leave a white cast at a later stage.

Do BB creams clog pores?

Most BB creams are designed in a way they don’t end up clogging your pores. However, if a formula doesn’t suit your skin type, it may clog your pores and cause breakouts.

For instance, if you have oily skin and choose a BB cream for dry skin, it will do more damage than good. To avoid this, understand your skin type before making your purchase.


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Light Medium 1.4oz">

Have you ever wondered why makeup on some skin looks flawless? They probably might be having this excellent formula from Purlisse. The solution is quite fine-tuned in a manner so that it possesses all the qualities that a perfect BB cream should have. When applied, it provides the skin a matte and dewy finish. It can be used alone for covering any blemishes or chase credit card login amazon visa card be ibc bank corpus christi under a foundation for extra coverage. Also, if the skin suffers from rosacea or is hypo-allergenic, then this is an ideal solution for you.

It comprises of antioxidants like chamomile and Artemesia for preventing the aging. The sugar maple present in it restores the original glow of the face. Its application provides a matte look and is very hydrating for the skin. The formula comprises of SPF 30 which protects the skin from the UV rays. The best part of this cream is that it works on all skin types like oily, dry, normal, combination, oily combo, acne-prone, or mature skin.

Key Features

  • Paraben-Free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Helps in moisturizing and hydrating the skin
  • Provides a matte look
  • Not to be used by dry skin
  • It comprises of anti-oxidants as well as anti-aging properties.


  • Covers all the flaws
  • Hydrating
  • Paraben-free
  • Protects the skin from sun damage


  • Cakey, thick and dry for the skin

5 – Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm Cream for Oily Skin

Mizon BB Cream Dark/Medium, Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer, Snail Repair Blemish Balm BB Cream Moisturizer (#27)

This high-performance blemish balm cream from Mizon is concentrated with about 40 percent snail extract that helps in enhancing the condition of damaged skin. It is a multi-functional cream which helps in treating blemishes, redness, and uneven skin tone. The snail extract used has anti-inflammatory properties as well as healing properties that help in the reduction of blemishes and promoting skin renewal. Regular application of this cream results in overall declination in the appearance of scarring.

Blemish Balm cream can be used on all skin types like an oily, dry, combination. This cream can be best used for the acne-prone skin. Inclusion of Montana Flower extract, Carica Papaya Extract, and Artemisia in the cream enriches the whole solution. However, it comes in a single shade which suits very fair skin with pink undertones.

Key Features

  • Comprises of about 40 percent snail mucin extract that helps in skincare by moisturizing, smoothening and nourishing the skin.
  • Fade hyperpigmentation
  • Best for oily skin
  • Helps in reducing acne
  • Papaya extract brightens and smoothes skin texture
  • Use of Adenosine helps in treating wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Helps in dealing wrinkles
  • Holds SPF that shields the skin from any damage from UVA and UVB rays
  • Provides very high coverage


  • Free from Fragrance
  • Paraben-Free
  • Protection from sun damage
  • Extract of snail mucin enriches the skin


  • Some customers found the solution to thicky.

6 – Holika Holika Aqua Petit jelly BB Cream for Oily Skin

Holika Holika Aqua Petit jelly BB Cream 40ml #2

Coming in a big frosted scalloped glass container along with a blue and white polka dot cap, the bb cream from Holika Holika is the new love of the ladies.

Along with this accompanies a slanted sponge applicator. The cream within the jar is a jelly holding a pleasant smell which fades promptly. This BB cream comprises of three sorts of mint water (about 80 percent) which are namely Peppermint, Wild Mint, and Apple Mint Leaf. These mint leaves are very rich in vitamins and minerals like copper, manganese, and vitamins A, B2 and C.

The cream Comprises of the marine jelly, which is a plant collagen extract which is made from 7 different kinds of seaweed, sponge weed, red algae, brown alga, Ulva compressa, kelp, brown Seawood and agar. These are loaded with the anti-aging antioxidants. Though the texture appears to be jelly in real, it gives the feeling of a mousse or chiffon, which provides an exceptionally lightweight application. The application is quite easy as it has a watery feel.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Best for Oily and Combination Skin
  • Spreads very easily and evenly
  • Keeps the skin hydrated
  • Comprises of mint water and marine jelly that makes the skin softy and bouncy


  • Best for Oily Skin
  • Provides Matte/Semi-matte finish
  • Protection from the sun with SPF
  • There is no grey cast
  • Does not gives orange fading
  • Lightweight
  • Dries quickly


  • It is unhygienic
  • Does not moisturizes the skin
  • The shade selection is minimal
  • For those not possessing oily skin, this can be drying
  • The glass container used is not portable

7 – ENPRANI Delicate Radiance Homes for sale atlantic city nj Cream

ENPRANI Delicate Radiance BB Cream (SPF30,PA++) [Korean Import] by Beautyshop

Enprani preserves the skin naturally. Made with a combination of several different ingredients. All the skin types can use this cream. Among the many ingredients, few are NACRE extra, radiance essence TM, silk protein, pearl protein, and lily. The pearl proteins are referred to as growth proteins that provide shine making the skin radiant and glowing. This is very helpful for the fillings in between the skins and provides a smooth skin.

A coating on the fine powder can be achieved using radiance pearls, and also they moisturize the skin. It possesses anti-aging ingredients in its formula which fights against wrinkles, thereby making the skin radiant. Coming in a small compact tube, it is elementary to carry it.

Key Features   

  • Provides medium coverage in case the skin is too much damaged.
  • Lasts long
  • Includes NACRE extract
  • Involves skin essentials like pearl protein, silk protein, and lily
  • Has an SPF formula which helps in skin protection from the sun.


  • SPF 30 inclusion in the formula protects the skin from sun damage.
  • Provides smooth skin texture
  • Inclusion of NACRE extract helps to even out the skin tone
  • Lightweight compared to the best Korean bb cream for oily skin available on the market.
  • A little bit of quantity is required to get the whole face covered.


  • Oil control is poor
  • Can irritate allergy-prone skin

8 – Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm Cream for Oily Skin

Dr.Jart Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 (03 DEEP)

This BB cream by Dr. Jart is a cult favorite multifunctional beauty balm that is helpful in evening out the complexion. It has been developed as a post-procedure cream that can be used to treat, hydrate, prime, protect, and camouflage the skin. This formula has the solution for anti-aging. Inclusion of the SPF 45 protects the skin from any damage from the UV rays. The coverage provided is light, and the finishing is natural.

It is infused with Bio-peptide complex with white gold that helps in preventing wrinkles and boosts the natural collagen. It is free from sulfate and Phthalates. It has an inclusion of Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The Arbutin in the formula is beneficial in brightening the skin and evening out. A regular application would enhance elasticity and skin firmness. It comes in a pump bottle which distributes the right amount of cream.

Key Features

  • Treats the skin for any blemishes
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Neutralizes the skin
  • Protects the skin from UV damage
  • It is free from Sulphates and Phthalates
  • Holds Arbutin for enhancing the brightness
  • Inclusion of Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide


  • Treats the skin in a five-stage process
  • Hydrate treats, prime, protect and camouflage the skin
  • Helps in regaining the elasticity as well as smoothness of the skin
  • Easy to carry container
  • It has SPF 45 protection.


  • A bit expensive compared to the best Korean bb cream for oily skin available today

9 – MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream for Oily Skin

MISSHA M PERFECT COVER BB CREAM #21 SPF 42 PA+++, Multi-Function, High Coverage Makeup to help infuse moisture for firmer-looking skin with reduction in appearance of fine lines 50ml-Lightweight

Mishha M Online business account opening uk BB cream is offering a skincare cream which prevents the skin aging with the help of effective whitening and also due to its anti-wrinkle properties. It helps in lightening the skin tone and looks after the blemishes. It possesses excellent skin covering ability. This product is a very high recommendation for UV protection, reducing redness and skin lines, conceal dark circles, and blemishes.

The cream holds emollient plant oils, botanical essence, and extracts of marines that helps in replenishing the skin. Inclusion of Gatuline RC, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides in the solution keeps the skin soft and hydrated.

Key Features

  • Provides excellent coverage
  • It is very lightweight
  • Hold plant oils and marine extracts
  • Conceals blemishes, discoloration and dark circles
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Brightening and evening the skin


  • Good coverage
  • Stays Long
  • Feels light on the skin
  • Application is easy
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Easy to carry


  • It is not waterproof
  • The cream may lead to the breakout

10 – Skin 79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Cream for Oily Skin

SKIN79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Pink BB 40g

Skin 79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Cream is the all-time product which offers a one-step quick-fix for a total of about ten beauty issues. It helps in preventing the skin from aging and prevents the wrinkles, fends off any damage done by the sun and also protects the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is beneficial in building resilience. The formula helps the skin to stay hydrated and nourished.

The cream protects the skin from any pollution, controls the sebum, and also it acts as a makeup base and foundation. It possesses Arbutin, which helps in skin whitening, Tangerine oil that makes the skin lively, Adenosine that helps in tackling wrinkles, and ceramide-3, which helps in nourishing the skin. Moreover, the cream also holds sunflower, best korean whitening bb cream bran, ivy, and green tea that shield the skin.

Key Features

  • Gives a incredibly ‘no makeup’ look
  • Provides a light to medium coverage
  • It gives a perfect coverage just like a foundation, but it does not clod any pores
  • Is pretty much same to Tinted moisturizer
  • Boosts Anti-aging and skin lightening
  • Possess SPF protecting from the UV rays
  • Skin regeneration is improved
  • Covers all blemishes, uneven skin tone, acne or pigmentation


  • Lightweight compared to the best Korean bb cream for oily skin
  • It suits all skin tones
  • Offers SPF
  • Long-lasting
  • It gets adjusted to the natural skin tone


  • Gives a little white cast
  • Holds Parabens
  • Not ideal for dusky skin tones

There are several best Korean BB creams available in the market that has several benefits. But only a few will suit our skin type. It is always suggested to the readers to go through the reviews and check the comparison before investing in the best Korean BB Creams.

Best Korean BB cream buying guide

Korean bb creams are available for all skin types, and they work on your skin in more ways than one. Bb creams are blemish balm, and as the name suggests, it is a beauty product. In this fast-paced life that we lead, we can hardly manage time to take care of our skin. The result is the numerous chemicals we subject the skin too. Korean bb cream is an ideal solution for an out active life, and it indeed can prove to be right for you in multiple ways.

With high demand and good acclaim attained, there are walmart prepaid gift card balance Korean brands in the market, and this will lead to chaos for you if you do not check it systematically. You need to define certain factors which will help you to choose the best Korean bb cream for oily skin that will work effectively on your skin. Below are some of these factors explained in short for your ease:

Skin Type

You need to buy all your skin products after considering your skin type. If the product is not in line with your skin type, the product will not work for you. You cannot use oily skin bb creams on dry skin as it will not give you the desired results and even impact the skin adversely. If you have some parts of the skin which are oily while others are dry, that is a sign of combination skin, and there are many bb creams available for that too.

Skin Issues

If you have skin problems or skin issues like acne, dark spots or blemishes, then keep them in mind when buying the best Korean bb cream. There is special bb cream for acne-prone skin, which ensures that the presence of cream does not impact the acne, and there are no clogged pores. Patches due to dry skin are frequent, and there are various hydrating bb creams which help to improve the skin moisture.

Skin Tone

Bb creams provide medium coverage, and while they don’t come in many shades, it still affects your skin tone. Always buy the bb cream in line with your skin tone, this will be essential if you want that natural finish from your bb cream. It is a beauty product for your face, and you must choose it as per the general skin tone.


Bb creams are used as concealers as they have enough tint the hide the dark spots. Bb cream is known as blemish balm as it is principally used to cover the blemishes on the skin. If you have light skin, then you must choose carefully as any blemish is visible on such light-skinned people. The tint of bb cream can be the best concealer for you.


The components that the bb cream is made up of are the components that will necessarily be consumed by your skin. Always check the label and choose the ingredients that will be favorable for your skin. If you have dry skin, select cucumber as an ingredient and for your combination skin, choose aloe vera as an ingredient as it will heal and also help to retain moisture.


Never buy any skin products from brands that you don’t know about. You need to be careful and choose a reliable brand. Don’t rely on the reputation of the brand entirely, whether good or bad. Read the reviews and do your research. Knowing what the people who have used this are saying will help you to understand the workings of the cream, and you will be able to make a better choice. There are many brands like Holika Holika that are incredibly reliable.


Bb creams also have SPF in them. They protect your skin from sun damage and harmful UV rays. The percentage of SPF will vary from cream to cream, and you need to check the number you are okay with. If you need a high SPF content bb cream, then choose accordingly. Some people still use sunscreen along with this, which is also elegant and works out well.

Triple Function

There are bb creams which come with their triple function best korean whitening bb cream, and it can work wonders for your skin. Applying these bb creams on your oily skin can keep the excess oil in check, and your face will not look too flaky. It will give you a radiant look without letting the oil on your skin get in the way of your makeup and look. Triple function formula


Always define the purpose of the product you want to buy. There are numerous Korean beauty products, and you need to pick one. Would you want to use the bb cream daily or occasionally? Would you want to skip makeup or use this along with makeup as well? What effects do you expect from your bb cream? Each of this answer will make your choice more precise and clear and move you one step closer to finding your best Korean bb cream.

Impact On Skin

Always think of what your skin will face when you apply the bb cream. There can be chances of bb cream having an ingredient you are reactive towards. So you need to check whether the bb cream contains any such product and how would that impact your skin health. Don’t choose a product that would worsen your skin health.

These are some of the points you need to take note of and consider before you buy your bb cream. Choosing a skin product abruptly can lead to severe issues, and that is not a risk you should be willing to take at all. A conscious choice is a smart choice.

Benefits Of Best Korean BB Cream

We have seen above on how we must choose the cream with responsibility. However, why to choose the best Korean bb cream? What is the catch? What’s so special about these that cannot be replaced or how is it beneficial to you? Well, continue reading to find out as we discuss the various benefits of the best Korean bb cream for oily skin:

Skin Loving Formulas

Koreans are known for their beauty products, and they are so famous because they take complete care of skin while formulating these products. Most of their products have skin-loving formulas, which is super beneficial for our skin. They look to pamper the skin to the lost, and that is the advantage of using the Korean products. You will be doing your skin a favor once you start using these products.

Advanced Technology

Koreans are currently using very advanced technology to make the products that you will love. Be it Korean face masks or best Korean moisturizers, Koreans have aced the technology with regards to skin and the best way to reap the benefits is by using these products. Let your skin feel loved by benefiting from these advanced yet effective products.

Natural Ingredients

Korean products are made mostly using naturally available ingredients. There are no chemicals used which can impact the skin adversely or harm your skin in any way. The natural ingredients are used in a way that the skin will consume them quickly, and you will see drastic and immediate improvements in the form of skin health.

Eliminates The Use Of Multiple Products

Using the best Korean bb cream works in more ways than one for your skin. It moisturizes your skin, gives you a radiant look with its tint, helps to conceal the dark spots, and also protects the skin from sun damage. All these advantages by a single cream and hence you can avoid using multiple products on your skin, which gives your skin a lot of breathing space.


Bb creams are moisturizing. There amalfi restaurant rockland maine bb creams which have more than 60% of water content in them. Using these is the best way to hydrate and moisturize your skin. It keeps the moisture locked in your skin. By consuming these healthy products, skin health is also expected to improve. You should be able to see less acne occurrence as the bb cream helps the oily skin to keep excess oil away.

Protection Against Sun

Bb creams have SPF which helps to protect the skin against the sun. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays and also keeps the harmful pollutants at bay. Your face is the most exposed part of your body and sun can cause your skin to deteriorate a lot and also worsen any skin issues that you might have, the presence of SPF in bb creams is significant to help your skin.

Does Not Clog Pores

Korean bb creams are made with extremely lightweight formulas. They do not impact your skin or weigh it walmart prepaid gift card balance in any way. While natural beauty products are known to clog pores, the best Korean bb cream does not clog pores or impact the acne in any way. They moisturize the skin and help to conceal the open pores and reduce their presence on skin. This is one of the most compelling advantages of Korean bb cream.

Looks Natural

Korean bb creams have tinted and yet when you apply them, they appear with a natural finish. Your face will not look flaky or full with cream no matter how oily your skin is. Pick a good bb cream, and you can achieve that radiant no makeup, makeup looks flawlessly without much ado. You need to handhold that you best korean whitening bb cream the right product and also apply it correctly.


Due to extremely advanced and natural formulas, Koreans have aced to achieve anti-aging effect in all their products. The bb cream works on the fine lines of your skin and slows down the aging process. It helps you age beautifully and gracefully. The hard life can make us look older than we are and the best Korean bb creams help to take care of that problem for us.

Reduces Dark Spots

Application of bb cream on your skin also helps to light skin. The cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin, which helps to heal the patches and dark spots on the skin if any. Once your skin is used to it, the bb cream can be convenient to improve skin health. The bb cream helps to conceal the dark spots entirely and give you that flawless look.

Easy To Use

Korean bb creams are the most hassle-free beauty products. They make you look good, and there is not much you need to do for it. All you essentially need is to apply the cream evenly onto your face and blend it nicely. That’s it. Your job is done. For something so compelling, the bb creams are also straightforward to apply and use, and absolutely everyone can do it.

Last-Minute Update

Bb creams are compact, easy, and safe products which can be used in a minimalistic way and quickly. There is no big show attached to it. For any last min and impromptu plans, all you need to have on you is your best Korean bb cream. For the busy lives that we lead, it is a boon to us.

There are so many more ways in which a bb cream can prove to be better than other products. If skincare is your priority and you love putting makeup on, bb creams are the actual midway solution you have been waiting for all this time. Start using it if you haven’t already.

Frequently asked questions for the best Korean bb cream

All makeup products are tricky, and because our skin is concerned, we are more often than not suspicious and have a lot of questions. It is natural and right. Questions allow us to find the things we did not know so far. On the similar lines we have some of the questions below which we have answered to clear some of your doubts around the best Korean bb cream:

Does BB cream lighten skin?

BB cream can help to lighten the skin. It helps to fade away the dark spots and brightens the skin as well. Sometimes, it looks like it has bleached the skin. However, it does help to make skin light. The hydration and nourishment surely help you all thought the way to get better skin.

Can I use BB cream as sunscreen?

Yes, bb creams have SPF content in them. However, can you skip sunscreen or not is very subjective. If you use bb cream in large quantities and it has the right amount of SPF in it, then you can use them as sunscreen. However, for someone who uses a tiny bit of it and has a light SPF content might want to use the sunscreen as well at the end.

Will BB cream clog pores?

Most bb Koreans are made with lightweight and skin-loving formulas. They do not clog pores. Bb dreams help to moisturize and close the open pores, which helps to improve skin health and reduces the number of pores on the skin.

Can bb creams replace foundations?

Bb creams have at the most medium coverage. For someone who wants full coverage and detailed foundation, bb cream might not work. However, if you need sufficient coverage and radiance, bb cream can work just fine. You will not need an additional foundation, which is also a cost-saving for you.

Are cc creams moisturizing?

The difference between bb creams and cc creams is that bb creams are skincare products too while as cc creams are known for their color correction only. They have more coverage as compared to bb creams and also tone the skin more. However, they also contain chemicals so one must be vigilant while choosing them.


These are the small details you will benefit from to choose your best Korean bb cream. Your skin is valuable, and you will feel better when your skin feels better. So you need to take responsibility and become aware of what your skin needs. There are so many ways in which you can help your skin to heal and also reduce the various skin problems. All you need to do is have a skincare plan and stick to it with diligence. Do not slack in it and always research before you jump to buy new skin products.

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